PlanB 2018 is closded! We have received amazing biobased business ideas! Stay tuned for more…

PlanB is your chance to move forward with your „green“ business idea. Join us and learn, why Bavaria is the place to be for green, sustainable bioeconomy start-ups!

What is your PlanB?

In case you aim to contribute to a healthier planet and a better future for our society by developing a smart, sustainable and biobased business idea, then search no more! PlanB is for you! PlanB  is THE  Bavarian competition for „green“ startups and young entrepreneurs. Initiated in 2014 by a group of strong partners in the fields of industrial biotechnology, green chemistry, agriculture and forestry as well as partners from politics and finance / VC. With PlanB, we specifically address the needs of business founders along the bioeconomy value chains and support you on your own special way into entrepreneurship.

Why Bavaria? Why your Business Idea?

Bavaria is one of the top locations for biotechnology, life sciences and bio-entrepreneurship in Germany. At the same time, it is THE German frontrunner in agriculture and forest industry. Needless to say: if you think biobased economy, you think Bavaria! Therefore, with PlanB, we have designed a competition specifically dedicated to business founders, bio-entrepreneurs and those with just a vague idea in mind: be it energetic or chemical material use of biobased resources or residues, new ideas for biobased circular processes, or wood design: as long as you focus on founding your own business, work along biobased value chains and have a connection to Bavaria, e.g. via markets, sites, partners etc., PlanB is your place to be. We accompany you on your way to develop your idea and business with a broad expert network and individual support.

Who can participate?

The conditions for participation are easy: you participate with your green, biobased business idea –  you can participate as an already founded startup (not older than 5 years) or just with an idea or a concept. Your business idea should target sustainable, biobased solutions for the bioeconomy value chain and should incorporate Bavaria to a certain extent, be it as feedstock source, market, site or partnering region.
If you would like to participate in PlanB with an English application, please get in contact with
Claudia Kirchmair or  Ann-Kathrin Kaufmann or Lena-Maria Bredl
Europaring 4 · 94315 Straubing, Telefon +49 9421 785-161,

How it works?

Phase 1:
In a first step, we would like to get to know you and your business idea. From the 7th of May 2018 onwards, you will find the template for your brief idea sketch here on this website. In case you want to get creative and hand in a short film or any other creative presentation form, this is also possible, as long as you cover the basic information we want to see from you. At the end of phase 1, startup and branch experts assess your submission. You will receive feedback and if your submission is evaluated high enough, you will reach Phase 2. The idea most highly ranked in Phase 1 will also receive a first cool prize and we will all celebrate the end of Phase 1 together at our PlanB BBQ.

Phase 2:
In Phase 2, we will focus on further developing your business idea or startup with a special emphasis on your individual needs. The tools to do this will be the PlanB Coaching workshops with lots of time and space for learning and networking in September and individual B2B talks that will be organized for each participant. The Coaching will offer something for anybody – you might join us for all sessions in case you are really at the beginning of your career as an entrepreneur, or select the ones most relevant for you in case you already have some more experience.

For the B2B talks, we will jointly identify where you and your idea may need support from experts – be it financing, technology partners, legal expertise, or potential customers – and subsequently arrange individual meetings with fitting experts from the PlanB network.

At the end of Phase 2, you will hand in a pitch deck based on a set of criteria to be announced after Phase 1. The PlanB Jury will rate your pitch deck and invite the most promising ones to the PlanB big award event in January 2019. Of course, all participants handing in a pitch deck will receive detailed feedback as well as an expert assessment.

Showdown at the PlanB Award and Pitch Event
At the big PlanB Event in January 2019, the best ideas will have the opportunity to pitch your idea in front of an audience of experts from business, finance, politics and bioeconomy-experts. The PlanB Jury takes your pitch performance into consideration, adds it to your result from Phase 2 and then the final order of PlanB winners will be announced. After the “official part” of the evening is over, we join for good talks, exceptional food and some surprises in a relaxed atmosphere.

Prizes and Dates

1st. Prize
5.500,-€ + Mentoring + 1 year rent-free Start-Up-Space at the BioCubator

2nd. Prize
3.500,-€ + Mentoring

3rd. Prize
2.500,-€ + Mentoring


Start of the PlanB  Competition
Deadline  Phase 1:  Businessidea (3- max. 5 sites)
Coaching-Phase  and  Business Talks 14.09. – 15.09. 2018   und    28.09.-29.09. 2018
Deadline  Phase 2: from your Businessidea to an indvidual Pitch Deck
(10- max. 15 sites)
Award Event and Finalist-Pitch21.01.2019
Any questions?
For further information please get in contact with:
Clustermanagement / Projektlead:  Claudia Kirchmair, Ann-Kathrin Kaufmann, Lena-Maria Bredl
Europaring 4 · 94315 Straubing
Telefon +49 9421 785-161